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8 Candle Safety Tips To Keep Your Home Safe

While we all love a good candle, they can be dangerous. Here are 8 ways you can be safer while burning candles.

While we all love a good candle, they do come with risks. Open flames can be a danger to you and your home. Your safety is important to us so here is our list of candle safety tips!

Candle safety tips:

  1. Always trim the wick to 1/4 inch before lighting to prevent the flame from getting too large. Trim wooden wicks to 1/8 inch.
  2. When setting the mood, but place candles out of the reach of pets and children. Fire and children/animals do not mix.
  3. Avoid drafts to keep candle flames burning evenly.
  4. Don't burn a candle all the way down to the bottom of the jar, especially when using a glass jar. This can make the glass shatter and no one wants to deal with glass all over the place. Stop burning your candle when wax reaches 1/2 inch.
  5. Do not burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time!
  6. Keep candles away from anything that can catch fire, including books and papers, curtains, and clothes.
  7. When you leave a room (or go to sleep) extinguish all candles.
  8. If you're sensitive to scents, light scented candles in well-ventilated areas. Although you shouldn't have that issue with Chill, Babe Candle Co, we aren't headache inducing!

We hope you found these tips helpful! Please keep these in mind when lighting your next candle. Speaking of your next candle, why not make it one of these? Sign up for our email list and get 15% off of your first purchase!

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