blonde woman standing next to candles

Hello there!

I'm Jordan,

and let's just say I've had a lifelong love affair with candles. They've been my go-to comfort since, well, forever! But, as life would have it, the joy would eventually turn into pesky headaches whenever I'd light up a store-bought candle. So I thought our time together was officially over. That void they left behind? It felt like a missing piece of relaxation in my day-to-day.

So, what did I do?

I took matters into my own hands – quite literally! I set out on a mission to create candles that wouldn't send my head spinning. And voila! That's how Chill Babe Candle Co came to be.

For me, candle-making isn't just a business; it's a thrilling, creative journey. There's something incredibly soothing about the process, especially when I'm searching for new, unique scents. I'm all about those fragrances you won't stumble upon elsewhere. It's like crafting an exclusive aroma just for you.

Now, here's the thing about these candles: they're not just about avoiding headaches. They're a whole vibe. I've made it my mission to ensure they're free of the usual toxic ingredients lurking in those big box store candles. Eco-friendliness is non-negotiable here.

Self-care isn't just a buzzword to me...

It's a non-negotiable!

Mental health matters, and taking that time to chill is my secret sauce. That's why I created three different options to choose from, each catering to different lifestyles. Everyone deserves a moment of relaxation, right?

So, welcome to our cozy little corner of scented bliss. Take a peek around, find your signature scent, and join me in making every day a little more chill, babe.

Stay cozy,

Founder, Chill Babe Candle Co.