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What Is Candlewick Mushrooming & How To Fix It

Have you ever wondered why your candle wicks get those little black balls on them? That's called mushrooming and we're explaining what that is and how to deal with it!

Have you ever wondered what those little black balls are on your wick? That's what we in the industry call "Mushrooming". Has this carbon buildup made you wonder if there is something wrong with your candle? Well, don’t worry! This problem is more common than you think. It’s called wick mushrooming. Keep reading to learn what it is and how to fix it! This shape, known as a carbon ball or carbon buildup, increases the risk of sooty smoke, uneven burning, and weak flame.

So what is candlewick mushrooming?

Candlewick mushrooming is a natural occurrence, so don't worry. It's simply carbon build-up that forms into balls and makes your wick look like a mushroom! While it is a natural occurrence, it's not something that helps the performance of your candles. This carbon buildup increases the risk of sooty smoke, uneven burning, and a weak candle flame.

How to fix mushrooming

Now that you know what candlewick mushrooming is, let's fix it! Below are the super simple steps to getting rid of this build-up!

1. After extinguishing, allow the hot wax to harden completely before trimming the wick

After blowing out your candle, allow the hot wax to harden completely before trimming the wick. This is solely to protect the candle wax. We wouldn't want any of that carbon buildup to be floating in our candle, would we? No, we don't.

2. Trim your wick to 1/4” each time you burn your candle

As we said in our Candle Care post, trimming your wick is super important. Using a wick trimmer, pair of scissors, or nail clippers, cut off your wick's tip. Another wick tip is that the longer you burn your candle, the more time carbon has to build up. Try not to burn your candle for longer than 4 hours at a time. This will help prevent mushrooming and keep carbon buildup away!

3. If possible, use a wick trimmer to ensure a clean cut

When trimming the wick with any tool, you want to make sure that the end is as even and smooth as possible. Using scissors will create jagged edges, and uneven lines, which can result in poor performance. If you don't have access to a wick trimmer, then try using nail clippers instead—though be sure not to cut too far down into the candle if its container is made out of glass or another fragile material; it's easy for the glass bowl or jar to break if something goes wrong with your cutting attempt!

As you can see, wick mushrooming isn't a big deal and is an easy fix! Be sure to check out our blog section to learn more candle tips and tricks or pop over to the shop to treat yourself to some candles! Use the sign-up form to join our mailing list and get 15% off of your first purchase!


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